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Top Paralegal  Schools - Brown Mackie College1. Brown Mackie College

Top Paralegal  Schools - Brown Mackie CollegeThe Paralegal program prepares graduates for entry-level employment with attorneys and in law firms. Students develop a solid foundation in communication and problem solving skills through general education coursework.Coursework covers fundamentals of paralegal responsibilities including: application of business law principles; providing assistance to the attorney during trial; researching legal records; and proper utilization of investigative skills.

Top Paralegal  Schools - Everest College2. Everest College

Top Paralegal  Schools - Everest CollegeIf you'd like to pursue a career in the legal field, you should definitely consider becoming a Paralegal. Our Legal Assistant/Paralegal program is designed to prepare students to for a career working with lawyers or in a courtroom setting. The legal assistant program prepares future Legal Assistants and Paralegals to perform tasks such as researching legal issues, drafting legal documents, preparing pleadings, summarizing documents, organizing trial notebooks, and interviewing clients.

Top Paralegal  Schools - Globe University3. Globe University

Top Paralegal  Schools - Globe UniversityIf you are fascinated with the law, like variety in your work and are ready to take on new challenges, consider a career as a paralegal. Perform legal research, interview clients, prepare documents for court—you will perform an array of services in support of attorneys. Globe University's paralegal and legal administrative assistant programs offer practical training in employer-requested skills. Paralegal degree and certificate programs are offered online and on campus.

Top Paralegal  Schools - Kaplan College4. Kaplan College

Top Paralegal  Schools - Kaplan CollegeThe General Practice Paralegal Certificate program can help you develop an understanding of fundamental legal terminology and concepts while gaining practical knowledge. This program prepares you for job-related tasks such as drafting legal documents, conducting legal research, and assisting attorneys in trial preparation.

Top Paralegal Schools - Keiser University 5. Keiser University

Top Paralegal  Schools - Keiser UniversityKeiser University’s Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies prepares students to support attorneys in transactional and litigation fields through legal research, document drafting, case management, evidence gathering and the litigation procedure.  Paralegals are often involved in trial assistance and other dispute resolution processes, as well as with preparation of real estate documents, wills, trusts, contracts, corporate matters and law office investigations.   

Top Paralegal  Schools - Rasmussen College 6. Rasmussen College

Top Paralegal  Schools - Rasmussen College Paralegals, also called legal assistants, continue to gain a growing range of tasks in the Nation’s legal offices and perform many of the similar tasks as lawyers. An accredited Paralegal Associate's degree from Rasmussen College will prepare you for a career in the field of law. You will be ready to work closely with lawyers and produce legal documents that are adequate in the field of law.

Top Paralegal  Schools - The Academy of Court Reporting and Technology7. The Academy of Court Reporting and Technology

Top Paralegal  Schools - The Academy of Court Reporting and TechnologyThe Paralegal program provides training for the person seeking an entry-level career in a law office or in a law-related profession. The program stresses practical and specific paralegal skills designed to meet the employment and personnel training needs of attorneys, corporations, government agencies, law firms, and the legal departments of banks, insurance companies, and various business organizations. Students explore legal research, writing and analysis, basic concepts of substantive, administrative, and procedural law, acquire basic office skills, and gain a general understanding of the ethical and professional responsibilities of a legal assistant. Graduates may pursue careers as paralegals, legal office assistants, legal secretaries/receptionists, claims examiners, and compliance and enforcement inspectors in business, industry, and government.

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